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  1. FUBUKI Niseko 2.0 Low in Sand
  2. FUBUKI Niseko 2.0 Low in Pink
  3. FUBUKI Niseko 2.0 Low in Black
  4. FUBUKI Niseko 2.0 Low in Yellow
  5. FUBUKI Niseko 2.0 in Green
  6. FUBUKI Niseko 2.0 in White
  7. FUBUKI Niseko 2.0 in Orange
  8. FUBUKI Niseko 2.0 in Olive
  9. FUBUKI Niseko 2.0 in Black
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FUBUKI™ was conceived in Niseko, Japan, founded by Swedes, and cultivated by an international snow-loving community. FUBUKI™ was designed as an alternative for the snow-loving community. Skiers have long been irreverent nonconformists. Lovers of FUBUKI worldwide continue to shape and cultivate a culture around the colourful boots—one that’s fluid, unconventional, and celebrates personal expression and interpretation. FUBUKI™ represents an off-piste path for those who confidently carve their own tracks on winter’s blank canvas.