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The Perfect Sandals for Summer

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Summer is now finally here, and so is our sandal selection! A refreshing collection of sandals that will give you comfort anywhere you go. Union Jack Boots has an array of summer sandals for women and men according to your style!

1. Dr. Martens 8092 Archive In Black

This pair of sandals is brought to you straight from the '90s but with a touch of current trends and fashion that give it a new updated look. It is updated with rich textured leather and is made in a Fisherman's sandal style. It has air-cushioned sole and the stitching has the same as Dr. Martens forever yellow thread. It comes in black color and is made for men and women!

2. Reebok Classic Slide in Cool Shadow/White

Among many sandals in this collection, a classic beach like slipper was a must! Presenting you these classic slipper sandals made out of synthetics in the coolest and calming color. It is a quick on and off slipper that you can wear around the house or to your summer trip to the beach. It comes from a famous brand Reebok and is stylish enough to definitely land its name in your summer sandals collection. Since these are unisex slipper sandals, anyone can wear them.

3. Dr. Martens Kristina in Black

Bringing you the sandals you have never seen before, these Kristina Dr. Martens sandals are solely made for women. The sandals follow a very unique style and have a particular Gladiator style lacing that goes all the way above your knee to your lower calves and is tied in a zigzag pattern. However, you can tie the laces how you want!

4. JuJu Maxi in Black & White

The classic flat jelly sandals you definitely needed in your closet! It has a closed toe silhouette and is remarkably easy and quick to wear with a buckle strap at the heel of the sandal to keep your foot in place. Sandals are available in not only black and white but also in all the trendy fashionable and glittery colors you can think of. The PVC used in the making of these sandals is recyclable and is vegan-friendly which is a plus!


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