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Meet Carrel Laco: Die-hard Dr. Martens Fan

By Union Jack Boots 4 years ago 6471 Views 3 comments

It's no secret the team here at Union Jack Boots are BIG fans of Dr. Martens boots and shoes! Each season we are excited to see, try-on, and talk about the latest Docs styles, shapes, and colours.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Carrel Laco, who is a fellow die-hard Dr. Martens lover! He showed us his vast Dr. Martens collection and told us which ones were his favourite!

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: My own personal style is more simple and classic, but I am not at all afraid of colours! I love the timeless look! My style incorporates all aspects of Dr. Martens; simple, sleek yet very colourful.

Q: What is your go-to Dr. Martens shoe?

A: The monochromatic 1461 is my favorite shoe, as well as my most worn out. The shoes have become so comfortable and can easily be incorporated in all my outfits, because it is so simple and sleek. Black is such a classic colour for the Dr. Martens brand and I like to include that in my life.

Q: We know you are a huge Dr. Martens fan and have a great collection. Which collection is your favourite and why?

A: My absolute favourite collection by far by Dr. Martens is their collaboration with Adventure Time! Dr. Martens creates boots for non-conformists and this collaboration is just that. These boots are so out there, but are also so cute that they can be easily paired with basic wardrobe pieces.

Q: How do you keep your Dr. Martens in good shape, what is your cleaning regime?

A: I love keeping the look of wear and tear especially on my classic Dr. Martens boots and shoes. But all shoes need sprucing up once in a while. I use Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam to clean all of my shoes and to help maintain the colour and print of the leather.

Q: Last question! What shoe are you going to be rocking this summer?

A: This summer I will be rocking out my black Jadon platform boots. They're the classic Dr. Martens boot, but with enough edge that makes it look great with almost everything. You can pair them with a nice pair of light acid wash jeans and a simple white tee or with classic Dr. Martens fashion with ripped black denim and a black t-shirt.

Find out more about Carrel Laco on his Instagram here @CRREL

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Carrel Laco 4 years ago at 8:02 PM
Thank you guys for featuring me!!!
Aj Sison 4 years ago at 2:52 AM
omg :) i love carrel's style! i hope you guys post more of his shoes and outfits haha it makes me want to save up for doc martens as well!
Dressu Dot Org 4 years ago at 3:22 AM
I love the Adventure Time Dr Martens shoes My brother would definitely love them - he's such a fan of the show!


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