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Get That Summer Shoe Shine with Dr Martens

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Glossy leather footwear will always be en vogue no matter what the weather. But bring on the sunny summer temperatures and their style quotient goes through the roof. Whether you’ll be exploring the outdoors this season or dancing the night away, Doc Martens has the goodies to keep you looking slick and polished all summer long.

A Glossy Polish on the Go

Summer is the season of hiking, exploring and outdoor revelry. Why shouldn’t your leather loafers get to share in the fun too? If you’re worried about stains and weathering of your favorite shoes, slick on a layer of Dr. Martens Dubbin Polish. The natural wax formula softens all waxy, greasy leathers while a Dubbin finish keeps water stains at bay. Did we mention it comes with a modern matte finish too?

Come Rain or Shine

When those occasional summer showers come to town, no need to sacrifice your favorite leather footwear. Just swipe on a coat of Dr. Martens shoe polish to protect against the elements and prevent stains from forming. Choose between the original Black Polish, Cherry Polish or Neutral Polish depending on the color of your shoes. With a solid wax consistency, here is a paste that does wonders to restore your leather’s natural color and supple texture. Then, for a cheeky polish on the go, be sure to keep Dr. Martens Shoe Shine Sponge at hand. This silicon-treated sponge is enough to deliver a glossy luminous shine minus the buffing.

Comfort is King

We’re all for infusing the goodness of nature to achieve great style. Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam combines the herbal benefits of beeswax, coconut oil and lanolin to not only keep leather nourished and supple, but also keep your leather footwear wonderfully protected against salt marks and all forms of liquid. Then comes the sheer comfort - simply rub a bit of the formula on the inside of the boot and revel in the softness. Add this to the ergonomic heel and arch support of Dr. Martens gel Insole and it’s cozy comfort all the way. Best of all, it’s 100% vegan. Perfect!

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